The Wednesday Wars by Gary G. Schmidt

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On page 49 the setting is just outside of Holling’s house. The weather during November was like it alway had been, with a sky so gray and damp, “November ... The day turned gray and damp, and hovering mist licked everything” (Schmidt 49). Also, the rain continued on and on without the slightest of breaks, “The perfect white cement sidewalk in front of the Perfect House was always wet” (Schmidt 49). Not only, the gray sky’s carried away what used to be the azaleas bright blossom,”The azaleas lost the remnants of their white and pink blossoms, and then many of theirs leaves ... half naked and embarrassed” (Schmidt 49). The mood conveyed at setting of page 49 is very gloomy and humdrum at the beginning since there seems to be a constant drizzle of rain that seems to never be going to go away. The setting affects the character in many different ways. One way the setting affects the character is that holling father is very worrisome and angered by the setting, “dirty water was staining the corners of the Perfect House. Which made my father really mad” (Schmidt 49). Also the setting caused many problems for the characters, “My father reached up to feel ... a handful of plaster came down on his face” (Schmidt 49). On page 110 the setting is depicting Holling’s walk home from school. The weather produced dark clouds prepared to rain, “Gray clouds whose undersides had been shredded” (Schmidt 110). Also, with ominous clouds leaving behind an awfully cold mist that hung for what
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