The Weed Warriors Are Back : Rethinking The War On Drugs

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Valerie Quigley Professor Borgen RWS 100 1 December 2016 Injustice by Mandatory Minimums 1 Support for the legalization of weed is at a record high right now. This is primarily due to the vast majority of Millennials who feel that marijuana should be legalized as a recreational drug. A few states in America have already legalized it and even more have actually decriminalized its use. David and Jack Cahn, Millennial debaters and credible authors, emphasize a pro legalization argument in their book, When Millennials Rule- The Reshaping of America. Throughout their chapter titled “The Weed Warriors are Back: Rethinking the War on Drugs” the Cahn brothers accurately illustrate that the United States drug policy has failed and predict that Millennials will strongly influence the decision to start rethinking mandatory minimums to fix the injustices they create specifically in drug related crime. 2 They are speaking to an audience that includes Millennials but mainly addresses the older generations that are involved in politics. This large audience is unaware that “[Millennials] are realists who recognize that a level of subjectivity is necessary for the punishment to fit that crime” (Cahn, 216.) This directly appeals to those involved in politics because it shows that Millennials are not fighting for the legalization without logical reason. The structure of their argument is based on the underlying assumption that the war on drugs is a misuse of time and money. Their argument is
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