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“The Week” is about how the week went and gives small blurbs about it. The first one is about the precedential debate and how Lester Holt ask the harsh questions to Trump. Clinton was getting easy questions, making it seem like they were avoiding the real issues Clinton is hiding. The author thinks it look like Clinton is hiding something and Lester is covering it up. It’s about how Clinton is out of arms reach of financial meltdown and doesn’t want to discuss the finical crises in America. Mike Pence makes a huge dissection in refusing to defend his running mates. Also, the author is on Trumps side on winning the Presidential election. Trump is accusing Clinton for her husband’s affaire. The author is saying that Trump is right being the…show more content…
FARC will not lay down their arms, once in for all. The European Union’s want to relocate refugees somewhere else. They are scared that terrorist would attack again like they did in Paris, so in a result of that not many people came out to…show more content…
They are trying to put a face to the crime and bring criminal charges to this person. Russia is getting away with way too much criminal activity without getting punished for it. Social media and censorship how twitter does not hold any censorship to its users. Put there is one case where a Tennessee teacher was suspended on twitter. The Tennessee college thinks the teacher should stand up for his freedom of speech and supports the teacher. How can you forget Harambe the beloved gorilla that was killed because a little boy wandered into his zoo enclosure? The following week came so many Harambe memes that covered the internet accept one university UMass finds the memes to be offensive to the African American race. Students where not fully band from making sides but do it at your own risk because in their hand book they would get a fine. For freshman, they have no tolerance’s they don’t have the same freedom as the upperclassmen even tho there is no deafferents. There are many colleges these days ask students to specify the pronouns, majority of the students used he/him/his or she/her/her. You can quite clear pick a preferred pronoun out of your

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