The Weekly Seminars Of Food, Culture, And Society With Nine Different Speakers

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The weekly seminars of Food, Culture, and Society with nine different speakers have been very interesting, educational, insightful, and fun. As someone who embarked on a major dieting project and have lost more than 60 lbs as a result to establish better health and lifestyle, the topics of these seminars have both been personally relevant and significant. Along the time span of this quarter, there were three different seminars that especially sparked and stood out for me. The first is a relatively recent talk with Dr. Nidhi Agrawal about food in a consumer choice’s perspective. It was most interesting to see how even the slightest marketing technique could influence our food choices. Because food industries attempt to and is successive at making us believe that obesity is caused by sedative life style predominantly, we often to choose eat foods that are more tasteful, easy, and quick leading to increase in population obesity. It is also rather funny how when the same dish was labeled pasta or salad, that most perceived the dish labeled salad to be healthier without second doubt according to one academic research. Then we dug to the root cause of our natural gravitation towards unhealthy foods and found out that it is due to our predisposition acquired at one point during our lives, that fast foods are tastier and more desirable than the healthy foods. In contrast, when marketers advertise healthy foods such as vegetables, we tend to emphasize the healthfulness and how it
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