The Weeknd Scholarship Essay

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I know recently I have been really making you guys proud by doing so well in school and I am too. My junior year is rapidly coming to an end and the reality of applying to colleges and choosing a major is finally settling in. Before you know it, I will have a diploma in my hands and I will be off to a prestigious university. It is so scary how I have grown up so fast, but I need to live my teenage years to the fullest before they come to an end. The only thing that has been relieving me from stress and preventing me from having a mental breakdown this year is listening to music. You know of my favorite band, The Weeknd. This follows through to the purpose of me writing this letter to the both of you. On June 8, 2016, they will be performing in Madison Square Garden in New York City. I know what you are probably thinking right now, that I am crazy, but please hear me out. They have been the only people helping me through a stressful year and this is their only east coast performance. After this concert, they are breaking up and moving on with their lives, just like me with my teenage years, I will be moving on after I graduate. I have to enjoy the little time I have left of them.…show more content…
It is currently my worst class but I have been preparing for it with Mr. Seaver for the past couple weeks. He thinks that I am well prepared but that does not mean that I can begin to slack. I am determined to keep studying for this exam until it is on my desk in front of me and I guarantee that I will bring up my B+ average to an A-. I have an entire free period prior to the exam to review the material. His exam starts at 10:45 Thursday morning. Friday morning, I have two exams but they are in my strongest subjects, Chemistry and Physics. I have been preparing for these exams vigorously as
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