The Weird Sisters as Triggers for Macbeth’s Ambition Essay

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The Impact of the Weïrd Sisters on Macbeth
Shakespeare’s Macbeth is not only one of the most tragic, but also one of the most violent and uncanny plays. It is a story about war and treachery, blind ambition and murder. From the beginning, the story is governed by a brutal war between Scotland and Norway, which soon claimes its first live of Thane of Cawdor. However, it is not only this violence that creates a dark and heavy mood over the play, but also the use of black magic. The introduction of the Weïrd Sisters in the very first scene set the uncanny mood for the following actions. Their wicked atmosphere is additionally underlined by a mostly nightly setting in uncanny woods or cold castles. As a result, their evil presence dominates
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In order to measure their power over Macbeth, he will be compared to the antagonist Banquo. Even though he was exposed to the same events, he acted very differently than Macbeth, which shows that he still is able to exercise his free to a certain point. As a result, the Weïrd Sisters do not operate as the absolute power over Macbeth, but more as a trigger for his unbounded ambition that eventually leads to his decay. The Weïrd Sisters are the first figures that appear in Shakespeare’s Macbeth and even occur twice in the first act. This does not highlight their dominance over actions, but also set the mood for the entire play. Especially their rhyming, ambiguous and paradox speech in scene 1.1 evokes the impression of spells that are associated with classical witches. Besides their wicked language, Anthony Harris argues that particularly their meetings are similar to a witches’ sabbath, whereas each of their three meetings represent another feature of a witches’ rituals (Z). Similar to a witches’ sabbath, the Weïrd Sister meet regularly and perform their rituals. Scene 1.1 illustrates the end of their meeting with their agreement on their next victim Macbeth. Later, scene 1.3 shows their second meeting and is dominate about their evil achievements. Their conversation about „killing swine“ (1.3.2) and making a fisherman’s ship „tempest-tossed“ (1.3.25) shows their evil plans decided on their last meeting and gives a hint at
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