The Weirdest Creature Of Nature Essay

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Jamuna Adhikari
Professor Gary Shin
BIO 101 C
November 17, 2016 The Weirdest Creature of Nature In this world, there are many animals that attracts us in many ways. For certain reason, we like them or dislike them. I believe there are tons of animal and each one has good or bad things on it. There are many animals in this world, I know some of them but certainly not all of them. As we choose some are liking and some are disliking animals. Similarly, there is weirdest animal too, that we feel those are the funniest animals. As of today, in compare to other animals monkey is the weirdest animal that I feel. The monkeys are the most common animals that everyone knows about it very well. They might never think of monkey as I am going to describe today. I have been reading about monkeys and heard lot of stories about monkeys since my school days. However, I have experienced many things and did lot of funs with this animal monkeys.¬¬¬ There are three reasons that monkeys are the weirdest animals. To begin with, Imitating is the first reason that I feel monkeys are the weirdest animals. I have seen and found that monkeys are the only animals that copy whatever people do. I even notice monkeys follow humans for no reasons, and that I feel stupid. I don’t know why people compare monkeys and humans. Yes, but the factual similarities that I feel is both are living things that’s it. It’s not its weird to compare monkeys and humans are from same ancestor. Well, it might be
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