The Welcome Table/What It's Like Being a Black Girl

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3/6/2013 Being different is all about how you handle it. I choose to compare the poem “What it’s like to be black girl.” And the short story The Welcome Table. These to stories are told from different point of views, although they both made me feel sorry for the person the story was about. In the story the welcome table very few people felt sorry for the old black lady. Mostly they felt like she had step on their toes for having the audacity to come in there all white church. She didn’t fit their color code, or dress code. All they saw was a black lady with a not so pretty dress and ashy legs. It made me feel sorry for her. I also made me think about how I felt when I first started going to my church. I was judge along with other unwed…show more content…
The girl really didn’t see what was already there. The two stories had its different and its similarities. I think it’s all about how the reader receives what the writer gives. Looking for literacy terms that will help you better understand

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