The Welfare Requirements Of Eyfs

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The welfare requirements of EYFS has now become the safeguarding and welfare requirement (SWR) since September 2012. The SWR have several features connecting to essential actions taken by childcare settings to deliver safety to children. The safeguarding and welfare requirement contains cases of adults’ behaviour which covers the cyphers of abuse and neglect. It is essential that if staff becomes conscious of any such signs, they should respond suitably in order to protect children. Regular staff meeting should be help and staff trainings should also cover recognising adult behaviour. All childcare settings must implement a safeguarding policy and other procedures, which should be in agreement with the regulation of the Local…show more content…
Staff and managers are also required to meet frequently to talk over specific cases concerning children under a staff’s supervision. Safety and Suitability of premises: It is a requirement that there are suitably qualified people on site and that the ratio of staff is appropriate for safety of all children. It is also important to have safeguarding policies updated at all times, staff are encouraged to read all policies and procedures and adhere to them. Lastly, making sure that the locations, environment and equipment are suitable for the children including outdoor and indoor spaces, furniture, equipment and toys, according to age/ stage. 1.2 explain the lines of reporting and responsibility within the work setting. In my setting all staff report to nursery manger and if she is not present the deputy manager or provider is in charge. Any problems and concerns are discussed with the manger and she will then try to deal with them professionally. 2.2 Explain systems for supporting children’s safety when; a) Receiving children into the setting b) ensuring their safety on departure c) during off site visits. Receiving children into settings can be very busy therefore it is very important to have a clear system put in place to welcome children into the setting. We ensure that a risk assessment is carried out before children can enter the setting so any dangers and risks can be minimised. It is important that the
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