The Welfare System

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In our country, there are many concerns that the people face in our economy; how are we going to survive? How are we going to provide for our family? How are we going to keep having food at our table or even a place to live in? In many situations, people turn to the government for welfare support. The idea behind the welfare system is to help those in need of assistance. Three main welfare programs that people have acquired and are a concern to the population are: TANF, unemployment insurance and social security.
TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) is a program that the state can uses to meet four of the following goals: it assists families in need so that children are cared for in their home; lowers the dependency of the parents through job preparation, work and marriage; prevents pregnancies in single women; and encourages a family structure that consists of two parents (“What is TANF”, 2012). This program takes upon a Behaviorist approach. The behaviorist ideology assumes that the individuals are at fault for being in poverty; because of the actions they have made when knowing they cannot support a family. The individual should have also behaved according to the acceptable standards of society which is to not be in poverty. To help the person, this approach requires the individual to maintain the ideal family structure. It will assist them temporarily as long as they gain work preparation. In TANF, the behaviorist approach creates a long-term stigma that hands

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