The Welfare System For Government Aid

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If you have a job and pay taxes, do you ever wonder where your hard earned money ends up? You probably would think that it goes to someone on welfare, who is trying to succeed in their life, trying to make ends meet and might need a little financial help. In other words, someone who really needs it, but unfortunately it usually ends up in the hands of people who take advantage of the welfare system, and takes the opportunity to purchase drugs and/or drug paraphernalia. To avoid situations like this, welfare recipients should be tested monthly for drugs to make sure they are not cheating the welfare system for government aid. “The testing is meant to assure taxpayers their money isn 't being "wasted" on the less desirable, those who would somehow manage to buy drugs with the assistance.” (Cunha 2014). Darlena Cunha states that she is against the testing because it costs more of the taxpayers money to pay for the test, and by that she also means it is shaming recipients while invading their privacy. She blames the people who take advantage of welfare for drugs, and also says “Add to that the humiliation of having to pee in a cup just because you can 't afford to eat. There 's already a huge stigma about having to receive services, a spiral of shame and embarrassment that permits the use of the system. Instead of wasting taxpayers money to weed out a small percent of those in need, demonizing an entire sect of people in favor of misleading stereotypes, maybe it 's time we…
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