The Welfare System Has Helped Families From Around The 1930 ' S

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The welfare system has helped families from around the 1930’s. Social welfare in the United States consists of groups of variety programs. The programs are designed to assist people who are in need of assistance. The goal of the welfare program is to reduce poverty. Poverty undermines the economy by disturbing the normal growth of human capital. Including education, health and professional experience. All the welfare programs require different means of eligibility. There are programs that help with food, housing, Pell Grants, child care, and health care. In this paper I will give a brief review of the most popular programs. I will also tell the requirements to receive benefits. Then I will include a government review of fraud within the programs. Lastly, I will explain the means of getting by without working as well as what a welfare queen is. Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) which also known as the food stamp program was first built in the 1933, as part of the Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA). This program was established around the Great Depression to help families pay for the crop. During the 1990’s the Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program introduced the Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card which is used liked a debit card at approved stores that sale food. Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program has changed over the years to help as many families as possible. In the 2000’s the program increased because they extended their requirements to help…
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