The Welfare System Of The United States

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In The United States there is the aid that we refer to as the Welfare system. There is usually a very bad stigma behind the name welfare system but during the 1930 's The Great Depression affected roughly sixty percent of families who were barely living and it was not because of bad choices. (Jensen, C., 2014). During The Great Depression the welfare system was a useful tool the many modifications to the structure over the years has not changed the focus of the systems main focal points.

The Welfare system can be divided into two different classes these would be social and economic classes. The social aspect includes any plan brought forth to help poverty level members of the community and asset in there need with financial support. Then there is economic support it is a class because it is there to aid the society that can sustain themselves and their children due to circumstance such as adversities, untrained labor ability, and disabilities. In so many situations the older public and the single this includes the divorced parents may also qualify for assistance. To be given benefits, most programs require that there be verification of needs that has been evaluated and set at a basic state to state standard. This is because welfare misuse in the past has made it more difficult and threatened the reliability of the system. A frequent thing that is used is what is called the means test, which estimates income and compares individuals to the set standard of living. When a
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