The Well Known African American Activist, Ida B. Wells

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The well-known African-American activist, Ida B. Wells was born on July 16, 1862, during the Civil War. The author, Mia Bay illustrated the life of Wells in her novel, To Tell the Truth Freely: The Life of Ida B. Wells Bay demonstrated Well’s accomplishments as a free African-American and the many struggles she faced after Reconstruction ended and the Jim Crow Laws were enforced. The events in her life were relatively distinct, but according to the Burns-Belfry Museum and the historical marker labeled “Freedman Town” in Oxford, Mississippi, her experiences overall represented the social, economic, and political circumstances that the majority of African Americans faced in the southern United States during the thirty years, 1862 – 1892- from her birth in Holly Springs in 1862 through her decision to leave Memphis in 1892. The Civil War and the Thirteenth Amendment freed African Americans, providing them with more opportunities with education, jobs, and religion. Unfortunately reconstruction ended in 1877 when “white southerners regained control of the state legislatures” and reversed the progress made since 1865. Her parents raised Ida B. Wells to take education seriously. Her responsibilities consisted of going to school and learning everything she could. When she was a teenager, her aunt presented her with the opportunity to move to Memphis to further her education as well as obtain a job. Like Wells, many other African Americans moved to the cities in search of…
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