The Werewolf

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The Werewolf By Angela Carter Fairy Tales tend to start off dark and progress to have a happy ending or, failing that, to teach a lesson. Angela Carter does an excellent job of this in her short story “The Werewolf”. This is her take on “Little Red Riding Hood”. This is not the classic spin on the original fairy tale however, in Angela’s take on it we will explore ageism, sexism, and greed. Though the story casts a once-upon-a-time aura, the lessons learned from it are as modern as the IPhone you might have in your pocket. Historically we have not changed much, “the old days” when women were just seen as objects, are not far behind us. The first line of the story, “it is a northern country; they have cold weather, they have cold…show more content…
“She knew the forest too well to fear it” shows her as a fellow “wild beasts in the forest”, and being “on her guard” is an indication of an awareness of her surroundings. The practice of calling old women werewolves is an ancient one, but the thought processes behind it are hardly new. Whether through moving our aging family to nursing homes, or leaving them to survive on their own, even in this day and age we seem to have little respect for our elders. How often is it, that through saying someone is growing senile or having symptoms of Alzheimer’s, we send them away to die in neglect in some group home? Just like the girl in the story, the possessions and shelter fall to their
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