The Wessex Tales Essay

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The Wessex Tales Explore Hardy’s portrayal of women in three of the stories studied. The Wessex tales was set in the nineteenth century; Thomas Hardy decided to write his stories and novels in the past, during the nineteenth century before he was born. Hardy got some of his ideas from his grand parents; he used to spend long evening next to the fire listening to his grand parents telling stories form the past. Thomas Hardy invented his own places He is highlighting the point that women around that time do not have a say in any thing. The expectations of women were that they had a lower profile At this time people lived in small communities so every one knew each other, so gossip got around the community. If any one did…show more content…
When Rhoda had sent her son to go and see if Farmer Lodges new wife (Gertrude) has the same qualities she had once had, before she started to ‘fade away’‘Well did you see her?’ ‘Is she lady like?’‘…A lady complete’‘ Her eyes, then, are not dark like mine’ Rhoda is very insecure about her self; she is trying to compare her self to Gertrude to see if she is worth more than her self. ‘is she tall’ Rhoda is becoming to be very interested about this woman and is very jealous over her. ‘ She is not tall. She is rather short’ Now at least she feels she is better than her in one aspect of life. Beliefs were much stronger than they are to day, when Rhoda had the nightmare it was supernatural, because it was like there was a demand insider her or even Gertrude. When Rhoda had grasped Gertrude’s arm, it was a bit strange because the next day when Gertrude came knocking on the door to give her son some boots she had promised him, she had told Rhoda that her arm had been hurting her, but she does not know how it happened, but it id ironic that Rhoda’s son had said that ‘What was that noise in your chimmer, mother, last night?’‘ You fell of the bed surly’‘ At what time’‘Just when the clock struck two’ And when Gertrude said that the time that her pain started to hurt her was ‘When the clock struck two’ Rhoda was convinced that this was not a dream, there is some evidence to show this, it is a bit strange that ‘when the
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