The West Bank

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1. Amiry proves that the stereotypes of the Israeli and Palestinian people are misguided. Salim, Suad's husband, treats her very well. The same goes for many other Palestinian husbands. Suad is an educated architect. Despite that stereotype that Israeli and Palestinian’s hate each other, the book proves that not to be the case. Suad takes an Israeli man to the hospital due to a heart attack proving that compassion, at times, can override territories. She chooses an Israeli vet for her dog, Nura.

1.1 Suad chose the Israeli vet because she felt that Dr. Hisham was sexist for taking so long to give Nura her vaccines due to her being a female dog. She was able to get better medicine for Nura. This is a big deal because Nura enjoys more
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3.3 The soap factory was historic. Suad felt like their heritage was slowly being erased. The soap factory did not have all of the strict rules in place that the other business’s did.

3.4 Suad was a rebel of sorts. Her personality rubbed the soldiers the wrong way. So in a sense, they tore it up because they could. She would stare at the soldiers and they did not like that.

4. Suad dealt with the occupation with finding humor in the absurdity of it all. Like when she gave the the soldier the excuse the Nura could not driver herself to Jerusalem and needed Suad to drive her. She found humor with Salim and his cousin getting arrested not for breaking rules but for the mere fact that she would not stop staring at a soldier. Humor was how she survived.

4.1 Rami felt like he could seek revenge on his classmates if he became a collaborator. Collaborators felt like they would get easier access to Israel but were looked upon as traitors by the Palestinians.

5.1The thing that surprised me the most about Budrus were the women. They seemed more fearless than the men on some occasions. I had to laugh when the women would say to the one female Israeli soldier, "Yasina, come join us." I was also surprised at how peaceful the Palestinian people tried to protest.

5.2 Both sides want peace. By watching the movie it seemed as so many olive trees were being destroyed
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