The West Coast Transit Marketing Project

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The West Coast Transit Marketing Project is a crucial team task help the charter regain success in the competing airline industry. In order to find a solution from the beginning, a leader must understand the scope of importance related to his/her employees and the impact of the entire company. A visionary must be able to pull in the right team members and resources available to consider factor and decisions for a positive outcome in the airline industry. A vital element is the ability to know and comprehend an employee’s strengths and weakness that can be useful in certain organizational projects. The leader understands the importance and values of team. Also, he/she can develop growth and ambition from existing team members. Most importantly a visionary leader must have motivational strategies and managerial strategies in order to be a positive impact with the employees and organization. For the magnitude of the West Coast Transit Marketing Project, it is important to select a certain caliber of team members that hold the common goal of unity of a team. “Teams should not be developed or created for the sake of having a team; they are designed to meet the needs of a specific performance or challenge” ("Work Teams in Organizational Behavior | Tanmoy Das -," n.d.). A team must hold several hold several characteristics in order to be successful in completing any particular project. The traits that should be inherent in an individual are team unity, problem
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