The West Fertilizer Plant Explosion

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There are disasters occurring all around the world that most individuals will not hear of due to a lack of media coverage. Many of these disasters can have incredibly detrimental effects on entire populations, and those at risk deserve a chance to educate themselves. Two of the disasters found were the West Fertilizer plant explosion and the increasing rate of acidification of ocean water. Despite the fact that these disasters pose such incredible dangers, they were found to be among the least reported on stories amongst media outlets. Although these disasters have not been covered nearly as much as other major catastrophes, such as hurricane Katrina, they still have far reaching physical and emotional consequences and have their own unique story. The West Fertilizer company located in West, Texas was in the business of chemical manufacturing and distribution. The night of April 17, 2013, an explosion occurred as authorities were attempting to extinguish a fire that had broken out earlier that day. The primary explosive agent was found to be ammonium nitrate, a chemical used as fertilizer in agriculture, which West Fertilizer produced. Ammonium Nitrate is the main component of ANFO, a commonly used explosive mixture, and is often used by terrorists in the production of improvised explosive devices. The explosion left many injured, several dead, and caused millions in damages. The oceans cover over 70% of the earth’s surface and hold nearly all of the planet’s water, but

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