The West Side Story Musical Analysis

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The musical, the west side story, is by Arthur Laurents. This musical was inspired by William Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet. Some of the songs in this musical are Jet Song, Something's coming, and A Dance at the Gym. This story is set in an Upper West Side neighborhood in New York city. It was also set in the mid 1950s. This musical is about two teenage gangs. One of the gangs is a white American gang, the jets, led by Riff and the other gang is a Puerto Rican gang, the sharks, led by Bernardo. These two gangs often get in fights and do not like each other. The jets planned a fight at a dance with the sharks. They ask Tony, the co-founder of the gang, friend of Riff, and previous gang member, to come. At first Tony did not want to go,
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