The Western Springs Fire Department Is The Low Amount Of Paid On Call Firefighters

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The fiscal problem that the Western Springs Fire Department has is the low amount of paid on call firefighters. If the department looks at these different ways to receive money, they can provide incentives to draw in future firefighters. Solutions would be to pay a higher hourly rate as well as implement education tuition funds for the firefighters. As a result, the Department would be able to offer more incentives to their new firefighters which would lead to increased amount firefighters that will want to apply at this fire department. This will structure the department to stand out from the other paid on call departments.
Identify the problem
The fiscal problem is that there are not enough paid on call firefighters to respond to calls. Recruiting more firefighters to the Western Springs Fire Department would be a benefit to the department as well as the village. The department would have enough firefighters to control the all calls by mitigating the problem and save life/ property. This would also eliminate the need of calling and rely on other departments to respond to the villages own 911 call. If the fire department has extra beneficial items to offer to the new firefighters it could attract more firefighters to join and this would stop the fiscal problem.
Offer solutions to the problem
This Fire Department can explore multiple ways to attract future recruits into Western Springs. Perhaps, this organization can look at other fire departments around…
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