The Westing Game Movie Vs Book

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The book of the Westing Game is all about mystery and drama. As you read the book at first it is confusing to tell who is who but as you read on it becomes clearer and you start to get addicted to reading it. Once you finish the book usually you’d watch the movie. Once you watch the movie it is clear that you can tell what the differences are between the book and the movie. First and foremost you can see that there aren’t as many characters as there is in the book. The lack of characters made it confusing to tell who the partners were. Not only, did the pairs get switched up but and there was also a change in personality in some of the characters including Chris. All in all there were many things different about the book compared to the movie.…show more content…
For instance, Flora made the book feel sweet and nice as you read it but in the movie Crow played that part in the movie. But since there wasn’t as many characters the pairs were also switched up. For me, it made things more confusing at the beginning to understand the plot but as the movie went on eventually I figured out that the characters who I know and love were not there. Comparing the book to the movie you can clearly tell what certain things are different. For example, Sydelle Pulaski worked for Mr. Westing in the movie but only talked over the intercom. This not only caused a lot of drama but more depth to the plot. Also, Crow didn’t go to jail but they did talk about most of the consequences of her going to jail. This made a little bit more serious and emotional instead of just letting it go. Ultimately the book was fantastic but the movie wasn’t as far as good in my personal opinion. It was one of the best books I’ve had ever read. At first it goes slow but as you get to know the characters and the plot you get addicted to the book and can’t stop reading in a good
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