The Whale By John Phillips

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John Phillips Plot Ishmael meets Queequeg and they get hired together and board the whaling ship Pequod, whose captain searches for the whale that bit his leg off. Ahab offers a gold doubloon as a reward to motivate his crew to search for the whale with as much passion as he does. During the hunt, they try to kill any other whales they see, Ishmael gives a run down on whaling, the crew come across bad omens, and they meet ships devastated by Moby Dick in their search for the whale. After a three day chase of the whale, Moby Dick destroys the Pequod and kills every crew member, except for Ishmael, who survives by clinging to Queequeeq’s coffin, and is then rescued by a ship that lost some of its crew to Moby Dick. Characters Ishmael- A cautious sailor aboard the Pequod, that worries too much about his own safety and tends to make things seem worse than they actually are. He is not afraid to speak his mind and he will rebuke anyone that tries to get a laugh out of messing with him. When it comes to spending what little money he has, he is frugal, but will accept whatever he can get. Ahab- Captain aboard the Pequod, who is consumed by his hate for Moby Dick, has an ivory leg. He is intimidating, a natural leader, and on a neverending quest for vengeance against the whale that bit his leg off. As the story progresses, he dives deeper and deeper into the insanity of his obsession over Moby Dick. Moby Dick- An albino whale simply defending himself against the whalers
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