The Whale as Symbol in Moby Dick Essay

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The Whale as Symbol in Moby Dick

That there are various perspectives to the white whale as symbol is a result of the value which Melville

accords the symbol as a medium of expression. Melville regarded the symbol as, what William Gleim

terms, "a means of both revelation and concealment"(402). Visible objects are as masks through

which one can educe universal and significant order. The "eyes are windows"(Melville, 9) through

which one "can see a little into the springs and motives which [are] cunningly presented . . . under

various disguises"(Melville, 5-6). The symbol of the white whale lends itself easily to this concept.

To Ahab, the whale represents the malevolence of nature. To Starbuck, it is a commodity.
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The whiteness signifies a natural beauty, but it also signifies, "by its indefiniteness"(Melville,

192), the immensity of the universe.

For all aboard the Pequod, their voyage is one of search for the ultimate truth of experience. What

begins as a voyage in search of the commodity of whale oil, ends with the discovery of the inscrutability

and invulnerability of nature. Ahab, representative of what Sedgwick terms "man sentient, speculative,

purposive, religious, [stands in] his full stature against the immense mystery of creation"(97) and

defiantly attempts to comprehend it as a rational and purposive force. It is not, however, consciously

understandable reason which is the essence of the white whale, but the "blindest instinct"(Melville,

161). By not recognizing this, Ahab perceives only violence as the sinews which drive the immense

forces of the universe. The method of his quest determines that he should perceive violence and

inscrutability in nature, for he projects violence through the mask of appearances.

Moby Dick represents, therefore, the concealment of what is in each man. He stands for what Hoffman

calls "the principle of Godhead in Nature"(274). Ahab perceives violence in the white whale because

that is the essence of his own being. The mask of appearance, thus, reveals whatever man seeks.

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