The Whaler

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The Whaler The Irish short story “The Whaler” introduces us to the tale of a whaler’s and a young boy’s meeting, whereby the author uses flashbacks to introduce different themes, such as; growing up - the progress of becoming an adult rather than just a naive boy. The setting of the story is in Ireland, on the top of a hill with fields surrounding it (p. 1 l. 1-2), not a completely deserted hill, but within sight of town (p. 4 l. 154-155). Presumably, a small town, since the town was too small for the Whaler (p. 1 l. 8), besides that, everybody seems to know each other, the Whaler and narrator know about one another, and they both know about Mrs. Early. The short story is the flashback of a man, who remembers his first, and only,…show more content…
“Thar she blows” Mrs. Early (p. 4 l. 158), the whale, that the Whaler could not catch, a reference to p. 1 l. 17-27 – the other whale he did not catch either, because it was all lies. The ending raises the topic of love, loss, death, and suicide, the fact that life, is not eternal, and that it all must come to an end one day, just like the lie the Whaler had been living came closer to an end, the day he told the narrator the truth. The short story, also, raises the topic about growing up, about facing changes, and learning how what you have believe all along was a lie, how thing is not always as they seem, but sometimes completely different. Several sub themes could be pointed out, such as, death, deception, infidelity. All important, building up to, how the narrator progresses from a cocoon to butterfly. How life as he knows it, within minutes, crumble in front of him, leaving him, facing completely new challenges. Like we all do. Lesson learned; the grass is not always greener on the other side, things are not always what they
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