The Whaling Of The World Without Whales

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The earth has a problem that will result in the evisceration of all cetaceans if it is not stopped. What would happen if whales disappeared from the earth? In the event it would be catastrophic. A world without whales is a world which has lost part of the key to the ecosystem of itself. A gentle creature that has been hunted for its blubber, oils produced in the blubber, and for scientific research. Rampant whaling caused the population of many whale species to decrease. These marine mammals dwindled to the point they were in danger of becoming extinct: “One of the most endangered of all marine mammals, the North Atlantic right whale currently hovers at a population of around 500” (Finch). The International Whaling Commission (IWC) imposed…show more content…
Many countries and organizations are suspicious of Japan’s intentions, which includes the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Many saw this as an act of deception. Recently the state of North Korea gave its stand on the argument of Japan’s whaling industry and scientific research: “North Korea slammed Japan for its whaling practices . . ., calling the hunt for marine mammals a “criminal act”” (Shim). Some reason that “scientific research” as a means for commercial whaling. Many believe that Japan wishes to continue its tradition of commercial whaling: “North Korea also said Japan’s claims to “scientific research” was nothing more than a smokescreen to hide its commercial objectives. Each country is responsible for regulating the whaling industry not the IWC. Thus each country sets the amount whales that can be caught in the hunting season: “In other words, Japan’s approves its own permits for scientific whaling without any external scrutiny or need for explanation” (“Ending Commercial Whaling”). The process of killing a whale or dolphin is long and painful. The methods used by Japanese whalers are barbaric at best. The use of

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