The Wheel Of Wellness Paper

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Two thirds of all premature deaths in the United States are due to lifestyle factors. Therefore, in 1996 there was a shift away from disease and illness and towards an emphasis on wellness. Moreover, two individuated by the name of Thomas Sweeney and Melvine Witmer formed “The Wheel of Wellness”, which was defined as a unique focus and theoretical grounding in human growth and behavior (Myers, & Sweeney 2007). The model was not illustrated with the use of counseling interventions in the beginning. Moreover, the roots of wellness are traced back to 2,000 years ago to the teaching of the two daughters of Aesculapias. The first Panacea believed that treating existing illness was the tactic to promote healing. While, Hygeia believed that we should teach positive means of living to help prevent illness (Myers, & Sweeney 2007). Thus, counseling approaches emphasizes on the importance of decision making. The counseling profession is based on wellness, prevention, and positive functioning. Therefore, in…show more content…
Those goals provide a sense of mindfulness in meeting the major takes in life. For instance, a person with a higher self-esteem is excited by new challenges, while one with low self-esteem may be anxious. Per the article, self-esteem is more significant predict one life satiation in individualist countries than those with collectivist orientation, were relationship seems to be more closely related to self-esteem in life satisfaction (Myers, Sweeney, & Witmer, 2000). In Centereach, High School, the professional counselors stress the value of challenging one’s self by changing and adopting to new situations. An example is when the principle requested the counselors to analyze a student’s past grades before scheduling a student to a class. At first, the counselor became irritated, but due to their high self-esteem the change was
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