The Whig Theory And The Federalist Party

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The whig theory was one brought forth by the whig party. The whig party was established during the Jacksonian presidency. “Historically, the label derived from the British political party that opposed the power of the king and supported parliamentary supremacy” In the United States they carried over that type of support. They supported congressional supremacy, and during the age of Jackson they thought that President Jackson had too much power. They believed that the power of the president had been cautiously expanded. They believed it was a threat to separation of powers described by the Constitution. The whigs meant to imply by their name that the Jackson section of the Democratic-Republicans, or plainly the democrats, had disregarded the jeffersonian principles in favor of a monarch who would be elected, they nicknamed him King Andrew the first. Although the attitude of the court system gave support to the whig mentality. This came to a head with Jacksons response to the supreme court decision over the Worcester vs. Georgia case that almost led to a confrontation between Jackson and chief justice Marshall. This case was about the banishment of the cherokee indians from the state of Georgia. The supreme court said it violated a federal treaty with them. The Stewardship theory was altogether different. It called for power to be limited if specifically forbidden by the constitution. This theory gave the presidential office a more wide ranging power. This theory held that
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