The White Class And The American Family

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Moreover, in our interview, she described what her article The Normal American Family was about, and stated that, while conducting her researches, she became interested in the internalized racial oppression within families. This internalized racial oppression within families later became based on the “white middle-class family”, to which I like to refer to as the “modern American family ideology”. The white-class family was the ideology that would be seen on television shows such as The Brady Bunch, as mentioned by Professor Pyke. She addressed the television show, The Brady Bunch, as one of the white-middle class families that many second generation Asian American immigrant students would compare to their families, and question why not being the same. Korean and Vietnamese second generation children seem to have built an ideal American family based on what they see on television or other American family, and that is why they have created certain ideals and characteristics that their families should meet. “Many of the image of normal family life that respondents brought to their description came in the form of references to television families or the families of non-Asian friends” (Pyke, 247). Professor Pyke mentioned that students would see these white middle-class families, and ask themselves why their families could not be the same. Or question why their parents could not be affectionate, just like their friend’s parents. The truth is that their parents could not be

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