Essay on The White Color of the Sun

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The sun reflects a white color line that is a mixture of many different colors,the colors can be separated by a prism. The white color of the sun goes through the prism and when it comes out the prism reflects all the different colors that are able to create the sunlight. Everyday the sky is reflecting a light blue color and the cause of this is, the wavelength that each of the colors tend to have and how long it takes for them to travel,light energy travels in waves and in a straight line,but some of them have shorter wavelength than others making it easier for them to reflect their color while the others are traveling and being broken down by the air.
The atmosphere is thicker when its closer to the earth but when its escalating to the space it starts getting thinner. Light travels in a straight line until something destroys it or it bumps into something like the gas molecule or even a little bit of dust,and what will happen after depends on the wavelength of the colors or the size of the element being hit,when it hits a big particle then it will bounce all around, reflect all into different directions,but hitting a small particle is much different some of it gets absorbed,it radiates in many different directions. All the colors are able to be absorbed when it hits a gas molecule,but those with higher frequency are more capable of being absorbed faster and easier than the ones with lower frequency, this process is called “Rayleigh Scattering”, named by an English…

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