The White House : Anger And Injustice

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Chanque Peart Intro to Literature Analysis Poetry Explication Haytock The White House: Anger and Injustice Claude McKay’s “The White House” is the author’s way of speaking out against the blatant disregard and denial of his rights as an African American during the period of the Harlem renaissance. McKay demonstrates the importance of not letting your decisions be led by irrational anger because of social injustice, only then will those who chose to deny you, be free from their own ignorance. He utilizes the basic form of a sonnet, fourteen lines with his use of impeccable rhyme scheme. Some poets are known to alter the rhyme scheme to help better relay their overall theme, but McKay decides against it. He presents his poem in a perfect rhyme pattern which also relates to his very straight forward use of a normal metrical pattern which happens to be iambic pentameter in this particular poem. His great use of the basics makes his underlying theme extremely clear, making this easily accessible to and wide variety of audiences. The first two lines “Your door is shut against my tightened face, and I am sharp as steel with discontent;” (line 1-2) depict McKay’s beginning frustration with the way it had become for African American people. “The door” that is being closed signifies the lack of opportunities that are given to him because of his race and who he represents in predominately white society. He uses simile “as sharp as steel with discontent” to emphasize how displeased he

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