The White House Chief Of Staff

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The White House Chief of Staff Submitted by Samantha Janway El Centro College Class 2305, Section 53402, Spring 2016 The White House Chief of Staff The specific role of the White House Chief of Staff is as complex as it is elusive. The WHCS oversees high-level White House staffing, who is allowed to speak with the President directly, handles the President’s schedule, is a confidant and advisor to the President, handles what information the President receives, negotiates with multiple parties to push the political agenda of the President, and is essentially the President’s fixer (Cohen, D. B., Hult, K. M., & Walcott, C. E., 2016). This role is appointed by the POTUS and requires no confirmation by the Senate, and the Constitution has no say on this role as it was not officially created until 1946 as the Assistant to the President and receiving the current title in 1961 (“White House Chief of Staff Isn 't the Position You Think It is,” 2013). In 1939 Franklin D. Roosevelt and Congress approved the Executive Office of the President, allowing the President to have staff that reported solely and directly to him. The executive branch grew quickly, and in 1946 the Assistant to the President of the United States was created and given responsibility over the White House and its staff (“EXECUTIVE BRANCH: THE PRESIDENT,” 2014) The WHCS role is essentially that of an assistant, albeit the most powerful assistant in the world. Since President Nixon, no President has been
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