The White Lady Cries Wolf in Rosewood

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Rosewood is a ghost town located in Levy County, Florida. In the early 1920s Rosewood was a developing town with churches, schools, mills and a growing population. The town was a majority black town, but that was not much of a problem until a white lady “cried wolf”. Fannie Taylor, wife of James Taylor who worked at a mill nearby, would have an affair with a white man. Fannie and her white lover got into a physical altercation that left Fannie with obvious bruises. To prevent from having to tell James about the affair she told her neighbors that a black man came and attacked her. As word spread throughout the town some people added to her story that Fannie was also raped by the black man. The thought of miscegenation is what angered the men and led to the Rosewood Massacre. During the first week of January, 1923 in Rosewood the angry white men formed a search group for the black man who “raped” Fannie. The search group murdered nearly every black man they saw and burned down a portion of Rosewood. In 1997, John Singleton directed the movie Rosewood , which told the story of the Rosewood Massacre. Overall the movie was great and included talented actors like: Ving Rhames, Don Cheadle, Elise Neal, and Esther Rolle. I personally was engaged with the film when it first started off, with the intimate sex scene with Jewel and Mr. Wright. Sex is intriguing for almost anyone, so to start the movie off with sex was a clever way to grab the audience attention.

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