The White Man's Burden

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What was once perceived to be ‘the white man’s burden’ has engulfed all developed nations – we’re all quixotic fools of imperialism. If you think that you’ve heard of ‘the white man’s burden’ before you’re correct, it is a poetic piece by Kipling; written in 1898 for the purpose of the US (United States). The finale verse is poignant to all: "Take up the white man’s burden, have done with childish days, the lighter proffered laurel, the easy, ungrudged praise. Comes now, to search your manhood through all the thankless years, cold edged with dear bought wisdom, the judgement of your peers!" If you find it deficient of beauty and description it’s because the expansion of its meaning shifts in an emporium tenor. I wish to pass this on to Alexis Tsipras. Greece or any other Eurozone member shouldn’t be a scapegoat of the failed project - Norman Lamont and his counterparts the so called pioneers of Federal Europe are equally responsible. I don’t expect any correspondence back as I know Tsipras has a lot on his Greek plate and has the insurmountable task of jumping through Olympic hoops for the foreseeable future, for that I offer my deep condolence. My stance is far from engaging in ‘housekeeping’ idiosyncrasies on grounds that my background allows me to distinguish what is valid in the tangible force of economics. No, sensible economic editor would claim that a nation’s monetary mechanism is anything resembling housekeeping’s expenditure. On another note, whether politics or
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