The White Porch: a Journey from Child to Woman

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The White Porch: A Journey From Child to Woman

The poetry of Cathy Song is a flowing collection of soft spoken and colorful imagery. She gently weaves her thoughts into an imaginative yet graceful story that has an overall sensual tone to it. Cathy invites the reader into her personal sanctuary of memories. She allows the reader to share in some of her most personal and critical moments in life. Some may think these things mundane but, when reading her poetry you can feel how utterly important they are to her. This can be evidenced in her poem The White Porch. Cathy uses this poem to allow the reader to participate in that moment of a woman’s life when she realizes that she is no longer a child. To understand her writings, we must
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She sees the lawn spread out before her with only the days laundry hung out to dry. The scene is serenely quiet and without interruption. The woman simply sits and thoughtfully breaks the beans. There is simply nothing else that needs her attention. But, as she sits there in the breath taking silence, “a slow arousal” (line 22) begins to bubble up from within. Her mind drifts to changes in her body. She is no longer a child, she is a woman. She thinks to herself “the small buttons of my cotton blouse are pulling away from my body. I feel the strain of threads, the swollen magnolias heavy as a flock of birds in the tree” (lines 22 - 29). She’s beginning to experience the results of changing hormones. “Already, the orange sponge cake is rising in the oven.” (line 30) She is pregnant! The delightful and creative use of words by Cathy Song paints a very vivid picture for the reader. What some women may consider the pangs of pregnancy, Cathy delights in. There are no complaints in her words but rather a peaceful acceptance of her role as a woman. She enjoys being pregnant. As noted early, Cathy places family at the top of her priorities. It is very important to her and therefore worth writing about. As the poem moves along, she focuses on the growing baby inside her and the reaction she expects from her husband. The woman‘s statement “I know you’ll say it makes your
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