The White Race Of American Indian Movement

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“No, I am not the guilty one here and should be called a criminal. The white race of American is the criminal for the destructions of our lands and my people.” Leonard Peltier is an imprisoned Native American who is considered by Amnesty International and the National Congress of American Indians, a “political prisoner” who should be “immediately and unconditionally released.” Leonard Peltier was a leading member of the American Indian Movement (AIM) an activist group and an organization, which seek to encourage and defend Native American Indian rights during a period of intense conflicts in the 1970s. On June 26, 1975, a confrontation involving AIM members and FBI agents occurred that led to the death of two federal officers Ronald Williams and Jack Coler. On June 1, 1977 Leonard Peltier was sentenced to two life terms for the deaths of two FBI agents. To this day, the Peltier case has been saturated in secrecy. Although he never denies he was there when the shooting happened, he always insists he never killed the FBI agents.
“Peltier grew up in poverty, and survived many disturbing experiences from certain U.S government policies” that were intended to get rid of Native People. “His large family of 13 brothers and sisters worked in large Potato fields.” Most of them had migrated from Turtle Mountain to Red River Valley in his early years. Peltier, was born in September 12, 1944 I Grand Forks, North Dakota, United States. He is the son of Leo and Alvina Peltier. Peltier…
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