The White Room: A Short Story

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The secret service open up president West’s door. “You have a visitor Mr. President,” “Who?” Kanye replies. “It’s the D-O-double G,”the secret serviceman replies as Snoop Dogg walks into the office of the White house. “YO! I just got word that tupac is still alive and people have seen him on the streets of Compton,” The Dogg Explains “Hey we gotta go now our boy could be in danger of thugs,” Kanye shouted as he walks over to another room in the whitehouse. Kanye runs to the first lady, Kim Kardashian West and beggs, “Take over for me we got to find my friend,” “No,” she replies, “I'm going to starbucks. Vice President, Drake, will keep everything under control once he is back from running through the Six with his woes.” “Okay, let's go Snoop, hop in the private jet,” Kanye demands. “We should be at LAX in a few hours with this jet!”…show more content…
“We can't let anyone get this bounty,” Snoop exclaimed. “You’re right,” Kanye replied. The two rappers get out of Air Force One and headed into the airport. They got through security real quick and headed for
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