The White Rose, And The Sunset

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The White Rose-- a movement that opposed the tyrannical ideologies of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler. Risking their lives to spread word of how restrained the German population were by the philosophies of Adolf Hitler, and how obliviously inattentive they were constrained to the ideas of fascism and militarism, no one dared to start active opposition. The Nazi regime sustained a vise grip over German society. The Gestapo hastily and effortlessly shattered any internal resistance. These are voices that stood out and faced impending death to break a silence. The aftermath of the execution regarding the members of The White Rose left no impact on civilians. They all continued the cycle of everyday life with no questions just as the sun rose, and the sunset. Although they were unsuccessful in the attempt of dissuading the people away from the idea of that “they were being lead back to greatness” , The White Rose was a prominent example of student resistance that opposed to the constraint of Nazi regimes. Hans and Alex Scholl originally credited in Hitler’s ideals and beliefs and even joined the Hitler Youth at a young age. This was a prime example of how susceptible the minds of the young German population were. Minds like clay on an assembly line ready to be molded and passed off to continue a legacy of pure bred hatred and racism. Hitler was also a firm believer in that the young minds should be indoctrinated into the Hitler Youth. Which is also why believe they were caught in a
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