The White Tiger Essay

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India, a developing country which has shown great economic growth in the last 50 years. Though it has many struggles to still overcome, it is on a straight path to becoming a world power. In Aravind Adiga’s “The White Tiger” it shows a somewhat of a grim picture for India. As its main character struggles to break free from his ‘Roster coop’ which is the indian caste system. Balram seemed to stop at nothing to get out from these lower levels, that he was born into. He eventually accomplishes his goal through his entrepreneurship spirit, however this leads him to unlawful and very corrupt way of life. Balram knows the only true way to break out of the caste system and rise above everyone else, is to make money. Money is one of the major themes…show more content…
He has killed, he has lied, and he has stolen. In simple terms he is the corruption he hates about the government. What Adiga was trying to represent with having a character like this, is to show what needs to be changed about india. India has so much potential and if “The White Tiger” shows us anything it's that the caste system is whats holding India back and one of the only things, besides governmental corruption. The caste system is putting a damper on the hugely untapped potential of india economic might. As explained in Deswals critical analysis of The White Tiger “religious or economic differences, but due to the mental slavery that is inflicted upon the Indians in Darkness. The writer employs the “rooster coop” analogy to his vision of enslaved Indian masses. He compares them with roosters in old Delhi, behind Jama Masjid where they are stuffed tightly in wire-mesh cages” (284 Deswal (4)). The cage that the caste system has caused India’s economy to grow slowly, and the only way out of it, is through ‘Governmental’ plans to help the poor, break free of the master-servant
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