The Whole Dilation Thing Analysis

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Once you’ve endured childbirth, it may feel like your body (and all of its exceptional capabilities) are an open book. And while a few fellow mom friends — and perhaps your own mom — may be curious about every last detail of your labor and delivery, most would prefer that you spare them the gory details. So when those well-intended visitors show up with baby gifts and open arms, don’t barrage them with your horror stories. When they ask how the delivery was, just smile and say, “(S)he’s here safe and sound!”

The Whole Dilation Thing

It’s a major part of the whole childbirth process, we know, but no one needs a recap of your birth canal’s big day in the spotlight. We assume that if the baby’s here, everything did what it was
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What Your Baby REALLY Looked Like the First Time You Saw Him or Her

After the journey he or she had, a little bit of smooshiness is to be expected. At first glance, the strongest family resemblance may be to your elderly Uncle Ed, but by the time your friends meet the new arrival, he or she will be ready for a close-up.

What an Epidural Feels Like

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