The Whole Issue Of Christianity

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Introduction The whole issue of Christianity begins with the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. This large character leaves an infinite number of lessons to be entrusted to the Apostles for preach and teach the people. This whole process is going to have much success and also is going to have their lowest, as being the persecutions, who did not cease to Christians to practice their religion freely. During all these sufferings also appear characters with power, which defend Christians and at the end were to succeed in overcoming and completely eliminate the persecution against them. Then appear Christian authorities that cause the Christianity is considered as the official religion of the empire. Jesus and Christianity: Jesus was born during…show more content…
Although, Jesus did not think in a policy rebellion only in moral and spiritual release. Many Jews become disillusioned and turned against him. Jesus was convicted and handed over to the Roman authorities. The procurator Pontius Pilate did die on the cross. After the death of Jesus, the Apostles continued the preaching of his doctrine. Most of them lived in Jerusalem, and made his preaching among the inhabitants of Palestine. The first converts Christians were, therefore, of Jewish origin. They were called Nazarenes, believers in the Nazarene Jesus. Very soon, the Christianity began to spread among the Gentiles, between those who were not Jews. (The Jews used to call gentiles to all those who were not of their race and religion.) The main preacher of Christianity among the Gentiles, was St Paul and therefore tends to be called the apostle of the gentiles. He was a Jew, born in Tarsus, Asia Minor, and initially had persecuted viciously to Christians, but then converted to the new creed and devoted his life to propagate the faith that previously combat. Its action evangelist exercised, preferably, in the Syria, Asia Minor, Greece, and Macedonia towns between the populations of the empire of speech and Greek civilization. Therefore, the Greek language was who served as the principal vehicle of transmission to Christianity in the first moments of their development,
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