The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth

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The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth When a parent thinks about protecting their child, they may not consider protecting their child from the invalid information that is being taught in schools across the nation. There are many factors that go into publishing an academic textbook, but many of these factors rely solely in the political roots of the publisher. Textbooks today aim to impress children with vivid images and information that is easily understood and related to. Leaving out vital historical information from a curriculum could harm a student severely in the long run. The thoughts and beliefs that a person constructs are based on prior knowledge and personal experiences so leaving information about the past is robbing a student the right to understand our country. Adjustments are certainly needed to be made in the approach of teaching crucial historical information throughout the nations’ classrooms. These adjustments would ensure that generations to come are not doomed to repeat the mistakes made by past century political figures. This essay is sure to intrigue by deliberating the skewed information covered in academic textbooks, the way Columbus is taught in schools, and the deception of the severity of global climate change. Thinking about how people with power control the potential knowledge of children in classrooms today could really leave a person wondering what other skeletons the government has in their honorable closet.

Growing up, children are
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