The Wichita Tribe

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Wichita tribe The Wichita is a tribe that belongs to a small tribe about three hundred and twenty who live in Oklahoma. They are a tribe of Native Americans who were discovered by the Coronado expedition. Like other Native American tribes the Wichita people have their own language, culture and both, social and legal customs. They refer to themselves as Kitikitish which can be taken literally to mean raccoon eyelids. But signifies a tattooed eyelid which is from a former custom among men where they tattooed lines upon their eyelids. Women however tattoo lines upon the chin and among older women there are those with tattooed designs all over their breasts. The Wichita people were primarily sedentary interested in hunting and farming. The men hunted and went for wars for the protection of their families while women farmed and raised children. The tribe lived in thatched houses before which were grass huts shaped like beehives. They had a communal way of life in their permanent habitations. When men went to hunt they build temporary shelters from buffalo hides. Before the modern times, the men dressed in breech clothes and occasionally putting on leather chaps to act as leg protection. Their hair was cut in traditional Mohawk or complete shaving of hair and wore single long tassel of hair on the top of the head. Women kept long hair styled in a bum or braid. They wore wrap around skirts and ponchos. In the modern times traditional dress and face paints are only reserved
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