The Wide Range Of Responsibilities Conducted By Teacher

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The wide range of responsibilities conducted by teacher to help to learn, share and develop knowledge and skills. Show or tell how its being done, give instructions, guide and train are the main aims of a teacher.
I should know how to inspire my learners and support learner’s needs. It is my duty to handle classroom, prepare lessons, prepare teaching materials, assess learners, identify needs, evaluate them and their delivery, maintain learners record of progress and facilitate learning. I should be able to undertake effective teaching and strategies to allow learners to make progress. The area they are working and assessing or evaluating will identify if the aims and learning outcomes have been understand and achieved.

I would need to assess them in different areas like literacy, numeracy, ICT, personal and social development which include social economic state, disability, age, gender, prior experience, ethnicity and culture.
“Embedded teaching and learning combines the development of literacy and numeracy with vocational and other skills. The skills acquired provide learners with the confidence, competence and motivation necessary for them to succeed in qualifications, in life and in work.”

Legislation refers to the laws governing us. Organisations, educational establishment, lecturers, teachers, tutors must obey these laws within the organisation. Following are the examples of legislation, which I need to be aware.

Health and Safety at Work Act…
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