The Wife Of Bath : A Story Of A Woman

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The Wife of Bath is a story of a woman who has been married numerous times. The Wife was married five times to be exact. In which the Wife of Bath considers herself to be a professional due to her experiences of marriage. The Wife of Bath is on a defensive roll of defending marriage. This could be due to the many criticisms she has received from society itself. This tale also provides us with an understanding of the role of women from a personal perspective, as well as a societal perspective. In the Wife of Bath there is a tension that is struck between societal expectation and individual desire, and that is foreseen through the topic of marriage. The Wife of Bath provides us with details about medieval femininity, masculinity, and sexuality. Basically, what it was like to be a man or a woman in Medieval society. The Wife of Bath also provides us with an insight on gender and sex roles. Whether or not it was straightforward or complex.
The Wife of Bath has a switch up in the roles of femininity and masculinity. Men are on the bottom. Men are undermined, and taken advantage of by the Wife of Bath. The Wife of Bath portrays the woman’s role as having the upper hand. Women are in control. The Wife of Bath portrays that woman are out for wealth, control, sex, and power by marriage when she states “I can’t keep continent for years and years…one husband’s dead and gone, some other Christian man will take me on.” The Wife of Bath claims to “First put them in the wrong, and out of
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