The Wife Of Bath And The Thousand And One Nights

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Literature from the medieval times, gives a stereotype that women are promiscuous, manipulative, wicked, and unfaithful. Treatment of women as promiscuous and untrustworthy goes against the nature of women and who God created them to be. Women are not promiscuous and manipulative as men claim them to be; they are good wives, strive to lead a life of holiness like the blessed mother, and are a helper of man.
The church’s interpretation of the women is that the husband is the head of her and she should be subjected to him (The New American Bible, Ephesians 5: 22-24). In the wife of bath, her fifth husband was questioning his wife, because of all what was written of bad wives by men (Wife of Bath, pg 699). The Thousand and One Nights is centered on a good king who was deceived and hurt by his wife, which twisted his morality. He vowed to marry a woman each night and in the morning he would kill her. The king’s daughter, Shahrazad, decided to take a stand and marry the king. With her intelligence and storytelling, she was able not only to save her own life, but her kingdom as well (The Thousand and One Nights, pg 554). Shahrazad was a good wife even if it meant risking her life. Men has an impact on his wife. Yes, he is superior to her, but he needs to bring her to holiness and reciprocate her love. Husbands love your wife as much as you love your own bodies (The New American Bible, Ephesians 5:28). Make sure your wife lacks blemish and bring her to holiness and without blame
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