The Wife Of Bath And Women 's Rights Essay

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Being the most interesting character The Wife of Bath has a unique way of doing things and taking things in the matter of her own hands. She has had five different husbands and transparently confesses to wedding the larger part of them for their cash. The spouse has all the earmarks of being more blunt and free than most ladies of medieval circumstances, and has in this manner been thought to symbolize the reason for woman 's rights; some even allude to her as the primary real women 's activist character in writing. Perusers and researchers most likely contend for this thought on the grounds that in The Canterbury Stories, she interestingly gives her own knowledge and sentiments on how relations amongst men and ladies ought to be done. Likewise, the importance of her story is that for all intents and purposes all ladies need to be allowed control over themselves and their association with their spouses, which appears to persuade individuals that the Wife of Bath needs to be seen as some kind of progressive women 's activist of her time. This idea, however, is incorrect. The truth is that the Wife of Bath, or Alison, only affirms negative generalizations of ladies; she is tricky, unbridled, and undercover. She does next to nothing that is really engaging or progressive for ladies, however rather tries to enable herself by utilizing her body to pick up control over her different spouses. Within this paper, I am going to discuss the way Wife of Bath thinks, what she thinks
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