The Wife Of Bath, By William Chaucer

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“I have had five husbands at the church door- if I may have been legally married so often; and all were worthy men in their different ways” (Chaucer 183). The Wife of Bath is portrayed as a very flamboyant and domineering character. She enjoys things such as romance, traveling, and talking. The Wife of Bath is a feminist who depicts through her tale her radical belief that women should have dominion over their husbands. As shown in the opening quotation, the Wife of Bath is not afraid to admit that she had experienced five marriages. The Wife of Bath’s radical beliefs are demonstrated through the phylogeny in “The Wife of Bath Prologue and Tales”, through utilizing sex to gain power, and through her feminist attitudes in each of her five marriages. The Wife of Bath begins her tale on what once was an isle of Britain full of fairies and elves. The area has now been taken over by friars and other mendicants. The tale begins with a young knight raping a beautiful young maiden. Instead of decapitating the young knight, King Arthur’s Queen and her counsel decide on another challenge for the knight to complete. This challenge was for the young knight to discover what women desire most in the world. Should he succeed in this challenge, he will be fortunate enough to be able to keep his life. Still unsure of an answer to the challenge, the young knight heads to the castle to face his terrible fate. On his way, he meets an ugly old woman. This ugly old woman agrees to…
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