The Wife Of Bath 's Tale

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The Wife of Bath’s Tale revealed a woman using her lovemaking to go after rich men and to gain control of her husbands’ wealth. Not only has she seen many lands, she has lived with five husbands. She is knowledgeable in both senses of the word: she has seen the world and has experience in the ways of the world, that is, in love and sex. Many consider Wife of Bath’s as a filthy woman and the way she establishes herself as an authority on marriage, however; the readers do not see the conflict with economic welfare for her family, the security they need, and the learning process to educate daughters to grow up properly. Being a twelve years old girl is not acknowledging as a woman. Why can’t she have her own ways to satisfied what she wants?…show more content…
“In the olden days of good king Arthur,” (1222) there were no laws and such thing as pursued of happiness. Readers might think that she continued to get marry after one die and another, but there is no found of her fortune; if she was married to a poor family. Marring at a young age where there is no choice, it is hopeless to anyone these days. This much we could understand the concern of being a parent.
Lastly, education is the most impacting in our lives today. As for The Wife of Baths, she doesn’t have the opportunity to educate herself and learns what could be successful or benefit to her. “By God, if women had written stories, as clerks have within their studies, they would have written of men more wickedness’s” (“Chaucer: The Wife”). This is to show that women are not the same level as men. An educated child today becomes strong and independence of their own. Life brought her bad luck because she doesn’t have her youthful time to form herself as a woman; who is ready to have a family, who knows how to love and care about others. Nevertheless, The Wife of Bath’s have no goal as these days’ children. She was beaten by her fifth husband and still she mentions, “For blood symbolized gold, as I was taught” (“Chaucer: The Wife”). She wasn’t educated well, guided properly, and treated the way she should be. The Wife of Bath’s instructed herself through tough time and ended up being rich, yet
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