The Wife Of Bath's Tale Research Paper

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Do you know what feminism is? The definition of feminism by Webster is: organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and interest. Throughout the Anglo-Saxon era women’s roles were overlooked, underestimated, and underappreciated. Much like how women have been treated throughout history. There are some women with strong roles that greatly influence the stories that progress the plot in the Anglo-Saxon literary works era.
In the stories The Tragedy of Macbeth by Shakespeare, “The Wife of Bath’s Tale”, as well as in the film Much Ado about Nothing had examples of strong female characters. First in The Tragedy of Macbeth, Lady Macbeth was a strong character who greatly influences of the plot of the story. She says this as she plans to kill the king
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Had not he resembled my father as he slept, I had done’t” (Shakespeare 321). Being female doesn’t mean that you're underestimated it was because of this that Lady Macbeth had the chance that she wanted to enact what she sought out for. Secondly “The Wife of Bath’s Tale” by Chaucer the old woman was a strong female character who was very wise as she was old. This advice from the old woman that the knight tells to the Queen and her court, “A woman wants the self-same sovereignty over her husband as over her lover, and master him; he must not be above her that is your greatest wish,” (Chaucer 145). The old woman showed that she is a wise in addition to a strong character because of her great knowledge that she possessed telling it to the knight saving his life as well. Thirdly in the film Much Ado about Nothing the character Beatrice was a strong female and an incredibly head strong. She says this towards her feelings about marriage, “Just, if He send me no husband, for the which blessing I am at Him upon my knees every morning and evening. Lord, I could not endure a husband with a beard on
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